Friday, February 17, 2012

110:23 Shaded Vision by Yasmine Galenorn

The 11th in the Sisters of the Otherworld series.  This one is told from Delilah's point of view.  Camille is still trying to heal from her ordeal with Hyto, Iris is pregnant and getting married, there is a new Daemon general in town, the Kyonni are back and their new leader has a spirit seal, and just for fun they are also in cahoots with Van and Jaycee the sorcerers who escaped in a previous book.

Yeah, it's kind of crazy how much is packed into this book but Galenorn weaves it well infusing enough humor and real-life issues to counterbalance the supernatural stuff they deal with.  It's nice to see Delilah starting to grow-up more and really come into her own.  She's always been the more innocent one of the bunch (and that is the one part I dislike is being reminded of that what feels like every few pages) and it's good to see her more cautiously optimistic rather than being the bubbly ditsy blonde.

In all, another wonderful installment in the series.

Page count: 337p/7,266p ytd

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