Tuesday, February 21, 2012

110:25 A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison

The 10th book in the Hollows series.  Rachel has been officially labeled a demon and has been bound to prevent her from tapping into the ley lines.  Since her demonblood keeps her from activating the higher level witch spells, this is leaving her without much in the way of defenses.  So when the IS comes to her because witches with high Rosewood counts are being abducted and mutated towards demon it's at first because they fear she may be doing it and once they are sure she isn't, then her choices are help them and get some semblance of a life back or walk away and have them blame her for the whole mess.  The problem is, it's an Interlander hate group that is just itching to get it's hands on some demon blood...

It's another romp with Rachel and the crew and I realized how much I've missed the series.  I think next time tho, I may reread at least this book before starting the new book as there were some subtle things being referred to that took me forever to remember. 

Page count: 438p/7,794p ytd

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