Sunday, February 26, 2012

110:26 The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch

A friend loaned this one to me a while ago and since it wasn't in my usual genres, it sort of sat on my shelf until now.  It's an interesting take on a coming of age story.  There's no real plot, no beginning or end, just a snapshot of the life of a 13yr old boy taking one summer out of his life to look at.  It was a remarkable summer for him in which he found incredible things washed up on the shore where he lived but more than that, it was a summer when he learned more about himself than the sea.

Again, not really my type of book in a lot of ways.  I found it a little disjointed and I just couldn't really connect with the main character.  Not a bad book and I can see why it was recommended, but not really my kind of thing.

Page count: 246p/8,040p ytd

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