Wednesday, February 1, 2012

110:16 Zombie Chasers: Sludgement Day by John Kloepfer

The 3rd book in the Zombie Chasers series.  This book is rated for 8-12yr olds and I think they may have been very generous in that assessment.  It's predictable, stupid, disgusting, and uses super small words.  My almost 6yr old is ready to start reading them as they definitely appeal to him and the vocabulary is simple enough that he won't need much help.  The downside, I'll have to listen to them.

If you have a child in the marketed age range that is looking for total fluff and is just starting to get into reading and you are trying to encourage that, they are fine.  Otherwise, run the other direction.  I've only read them because my 10yr old was a very reluctant reader and these finally helped him turn that around and I'm being supportive but honestly, I can feel my IQ dropping by several points every time I turn the page.

Page count: 214p/5,497p

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