Tuesday, November 3, 2015

119:120 Andrew Jackson by Stephen Feinstein

A MyReportLinks.com Book. A brief but in-depth for 4th grader biography of Andrew Jackson.  This covered from early life to his death in terms of events well but I felt was weak on explaining much of his personal motivations and thoughts on what was going on beyond keeping to his own personal code which was never really explained and only really referred to a little bit in the first chapter.  I did learn more about him than I ever did in my school years though.

I will mention that there were a lot of links to online resources that may have addressed his motivations further but that was outside the context we were looking at for 4th grade study of the presidents so we didn't utilize them and the book is headed back to the library now so no time to do so any more.

Page count: 48p/30,560p ytd/245,476p lifetime

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