Tuesday, November 10, 2015

123:120 Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

My second time reading it.  Here's the review from my first time:

</i>The long winter is over and  is over and opportunities are popping up all over for Laura.  She is offered her first job in town helping a seamstress which helps her earn the money to send Mary off to the school for the blind.  She continues to study hard even when she finds it difficult due to the distractions that being in a town offer like sociables and Literaries the first winter after that long one and then revivals, sociables, and the school exhibition.  Not to mention that Mr. Almanzo Wilder has been asking to see her home after these events.  Laura misses Mary terribly but at the end is offered a job as a school-teacher which, although only for 2mos, will bring enough money in to allow for Mary to come home for the summer.

Again, I'm always touched by how sweet these books are.  Times are simpler, if harder, but it definitely makes the simple seem gentle and sweet.  </i>

Page count: 374p/31,604p ytd/246,520p lifetime

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