Thursday, November 12, 2015

125:120 Daughter of Odren by Ursual K. LeGuin

A short story set in the world of Earthsea.  Weed has been leaving offerings at the stone for the past 14 years, waiting and watching for the right time for her father to be released and his revenge wrecked upon those who tricked him into it.  Now, her brother has returned to her as a learned mage and ready to take up the task to bring Lord Garnet home and restore them both to their rightful places as the children of the Lord of Odren.  Unfortunately, things don't always work out the way we so often hope for.

While set in Earthsea, this doesn't contain any characters from the stories and doesn't seem to relate to anything previous published (at least as far as I can remember) but was none-the-less an enjoyable, if short tale.

Page count: 31p/31,971p ytd/246,887p lifetime

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