Saturday, November 7, 2015

122:120 Fire Water by Jaye Wells

A novella set before Dirty Magic, set in a time when Kate was finishing up her last few things so she could be sworn in as a police officer.  Kate's biggest obstacle, besides the chip on her shoulder and her being an Adept, is that she has to do a week on the river patrol and get signed off on it.  She opts to do her time as quickly as possible but it puts her with the crustiest, crankiest, curmudgeonly close-to-retirement police officer she has ever met.  He wants to just get out in tact since he has so little time left but Kate is hot to prove herself and she's a hard girl to say no to.

It was nice seeing Kate as a fresh-faced new recruit, to see Danny as a kid, meet Baba when Kate did.  There was nothing really earth-shattering necessary if you are reading the books but give it a read if you want a little backstory.

Page count: 68p/31,230p ytd/246,146p lifetime

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