Saturday, October 31, 2015

118:120 Deadly Spells by Jaye Wells

The third book in the Prospero's War series.  A new player is in town and seems to be trying to start a coven war by offing Charm, Abe's right hand man who is currently leading the Votary coven while he's incarcerated, and then beating Harry Bane, the leader of the Sanguine coven, almost to death before Kate and Morales show up and stop him.  What clues they have been able to gather points to A Morte, a Brazilian coven, trying to stir things up and get a foothold in Babylon.  The last time Gardner, the head of the MEA, ran into them it cost her entire team their lives and put her in Babylon on her last life in the organization.  She is incredibly motivated to find and stop them this time, as is her team, but some costs are too high to pay.  Kate especially is going to have to cross lines she thought she was done looking at when she got out of the covens and she is going to to learn truths that will remold her view of the past and what her future will be.

This series hit the ground running and each book seems to find a new gear to shift into.  The revelations that came out in this one were top-notch and while I was drawn in immediately, by half-way through putting it down became almost physically painful.  When does the next one come out???

Page count: 400p/30,512p ytd/245,428p lifetime

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