Wednesday, October 14, 2015

107:120 Several Shades of Blue by Faye Larson

First published work.  Kris has been standing in line for ages to get his sister the new 50 Shades of Grey book, you know, the one written from Grey's perspective, because she is sooooo into the series and he's trying to butter her up even if he can't stand the series.  The only thing that has made the tedium bearable is that he can stare at the fine ass ahead of him in line.  Next thing he knows the incredibly handsome owner of said ass, Taylor, is striking up a conversation with him and all of a sudden Kris is listening to his Inner God and hoping that this goes in the direction he is desperately hoping it will.

First off, let me state that I do know the author personally and have been friends with her for many years.  That being said, there was waaaaay too much 50 Shades stuff going on for my tastes.  I couldn't read more than a page in Twilight and have never attempted it's more poorly written fanfic so that turned this into an immediate groanfest for me.  Unfortunately, I'm also not a fan of two people meeting by chance, having nothing in common, but falling into each other's arms.  I understand that this is a short story so therefore there really isn't any time for character development or for them to really get to know each other but I would have had an easier time if they at least both were in the line because they both liked the same books rather than it being one loving them and the other feeling they are complete and utter shite.  That being said, the writing, while needing a bit more help with the editing, was good with enough description to set the mood but didn't go overboard with it, kept the story moving forward at a good pace, and it showed promise for the future.

Page count: 22p/28,362p ytd/243,278p lifetime

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