Friday, October 30, 2015

117:120 When We Come To It by Stefon Mears

Filya has been forced away from the profession he loves and is called to do in order to fight in a war of a mad king that has been going on for 10 years.  His only option is to desert and flee to the south but his current scouting partner is a knight who cares more about loyalty and honor, especially since his brother has already deserted.  Now they are caught up in a trap that could kill them both or release Filya.  The choice is his...

In one way, I really enjoy these short stories because you get what is usually an intense snapshot that seems like it is taken out of the middle of a bigger story.  On the other hand, they frustrate me immensely because I want to know the rest of the story around it darn it all!!!  Grrrrr!!!!

Page count: 14p/30,112p ytd/245,028p lifetime

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