Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2:120 Shooting Monkeys in a Barrel by S.G. Browne

A collection of 10 short stories.  A decent collection up until the last story, Zombie Gigolo, which I found out after reading was written as an entry in a GrossOut contest (it took third and I don't even want to go near what beat it out...*retch*).  The other stories were fun with the short stories that eventually bloomed into three of his current novels and some others were he was playing around with concepts that may eventually turn into full length novels or were simply exercises in "Hey, this seems like a neat idea, let's explore that".  His writing style is rampant throughout so if you like it, it's a fun collection.  Even more fun are his thoughts about where the ideas for each story came from and how it developed as he was writing it.

Page count: 146p/404p ytd/181,462p lifetime

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