Monday, January 27, 2014

14:120 Brazen by Kelley Armstrong

Side story in the Otherworld series taking place after book 13.  Elena and Clay want Malcolm Danvers found and have hired a supernatural detective agency to help them.  Nick has been put in charge as their contact and they have been told to simply find Malcolm, let Nick confirm his identity, and then Elena and Clay will take it from there.   Of course, that was the plan but nothing ever goes according to plan.  Instead, one of the operatives tries to get too close to Malcolm and is discovered and then the game is on.  Her handler, Vanessa, is smart enough not to jump in on her own but when Nick goes to try and confirm what is going on she is definitely going along with him.  Malcolm has his own opinions of all of this and has no intentions of going quietly.

I am so glad we continue to get these side stories even tho the main story is done as I just love these characters.  Even this one which is told mostly from Nick's POV and occasionally that of Vanessa, it's still the Pack and the characters that we grew to love.  And hey, it's nice to see that Nick has actually grown up.

Page count: 213p/3,330p ytd/184,350p lifetime

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