Saturday, January 25, 2014

13:120 Dreams of the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn

The follow-up to After the Golden Age focuses on Celia and Dr. Mentis's children and the children of the other supers who are now past their prime.  Celia West, daughter of Captain Olympus and Spark, has no superpowers of her own besides getting kidnapped but now that she's the mother of two teens and CEO of West Enterprises, she has done a remarkable job of finding the children of the city's supers and placing them all in school together so they would have each other to turn to should they have powers of their own.  After watching her own children like a hawk and figuring out that so far neither of them had powers, she was relieved and waiting to see what happened with the others.  What she never dreamed was that her oldest was actually a living compass and had already found a team of other super teens and they were practicing covertly to become the city's new superhero crime-fighting force.  What will happen when something bigger than just common thugs comes in and tries to start messing with Celia though?

This one is truly a coming of age story even if the teens in question have super powers.  It also strikes a nice balance as we see the parents side of it as well as they try to find a balance between letting their kids discover themselves and protecting them against what they know is out there.  A quick read that hearkens back to the old super hero tropes with plenty of cliches but nicely throwing in a twist here or there to keep it from being stereotypical.  In all, a fun read.

Page count: 318p/3,099p/184,137p

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