Thursday, January 30, 2014

17:120 We Both Go Down Together by Seanan McGuire

A prequel to the Incryptid series following Jonathan and Frances Healy.  Fran is 8mos pregnant but the family has received a note from a colony of mermaids that they need help.  Jonathan is on his way but there is no way Fran is letting him go alone.  When they get there, they find out that the babies are being stolen and they need Jonathan and Frances to help them find out what is happening to them but when Frances goes into labor and delivers their daughter, Alice, they find out that the merbabies aren't the only ones in danger.

I really liked this one and yes, if something like that happened to my baby, I'd have responded the same way Frances did.  Mermaids may not be very maternal once they return to the sea but don't mess with the Mama Bears!

Page count: 30p/3,410p ytd/194,403p lifetime

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