Thursday, January 30, 2014

16:120 Loch and Key by Seanan McGuire

A prequel to the Incryptid series following Jonathan and Frances Healy.  Jonathan and Frances are healing after the death of their son, Daniel, and Enid and Alex are taking them on a family fishing trip.  Being the Healys, they aren't going to any typical spot but a backwoods lake where a small group of plesiosours still survive.  However, when they go to pay their respects to the owners of the land, they find that things aren't quite right and the Incryptids are in danger and well, that just won't be tolerated.

I really love these short stories that we get as insights to the dedication of this family to the Incryptids as well as each other and I'm very thankful to Seanan for doing them.

Page count: 27p/3,380p ytd/184,400p lifetime

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