Thursday, January 2, 2014

1:120 Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ichiguro

The quiet reflections of a butler from 1930s England of his tenure at what he believed at the time to have been a great household.  You can watch as his recollections change and he begins to see how what he once wholeheartedly believed in the rightness of his master and all that he was doing, now that he is more removed from the situation he is realizing that maybe things weren't all he allowed himself to think.

I started this one last year as it was part of the teen's book club and was hoping to finish before the year turned but didn't and finally found some time today.   A slow, quiet read that reminded me of listening to my father in the way his memories and recollections kind of wander around but if you pay attention you can see how they all connect together and give you some extraordinary glimpses of the man that lies under everything else he shows to the world.

Page count: 258p/258p/181,316p

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