Wednesday, May 29, 2013

71:120 Summer Falls by Amelia Williams

Doctor Who related, the book that is referenced in the first episode with Clara as full companion and ghost written by the previous companion, Amelia Williams (have no idea who really wrote it).  The Doctor is never mentioned by name although it's easy enough to see that Barnabas is the "Doctor" fill-in for the story.

Kate has just moved to a new town with school about to start and is trying to find things to do when she discovers a painting of the ocean and lighthouse of the new town with the words "When Summer Falls, the Lord of Winter will Arise" written around the outside.  She things nothing of it until one morning when she awakes to find that all everyone is gone except the cat and her next door neighbor's child and there is snow on the ground despite the fact that it is summer.  The cat apologizes for bringing this down on them but lets her know, it's now up to her to fix it all.  But can she find the missing pieces and figure out how to banish the Lord of Winter and bring summer back in time?

Only about 70p so very short and really pretty bland.  I read it because it was referenced in an episode and I thought it cool that they made the reference and had a book out for that reference but it was only ok.  If you are a huge Doctor Who fan you'll likely read it (and it is a quick read) but unless you are a true diehard that must read everything related to the show, don't bother.

Page count: 70p/17,706p ytd/162,126p lifetime

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