Wednesday, May 29, 2013

70:120 Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines

A new group of heroes have arisen and not a moment too soon as the zombie apocalypse came upon them.  It's been a year now and a handful have gathered up the humans in Los Angles that they could have made a secure home out of an old movie studio.  But now zombies and short supplies are not all they have to deal with as a rival settlement has decided that they want to be the big shots and they have a surprising ability of their own that just might make that happen.

These aren't the usual group of superheroes which is sort of what I had been expecting but rather heroes designed and written for this universe (although many powers are similar but hey, that's not a big surprise).  I found some parts of the story entertaining and it was readable but there were a lot of slow bits where things just plodded along and I wasn't a big fan of the interruptions in flow to give a specific heroes backstory.  However, given that this was the author's first novel I'd be willing to check out the sequel and see if the pacing and flow get better.

Page count: 330p/17,636p ytd/162,056p lifetime

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