Friday, May 10, 2013

62:120 Lover at Last by JR Ward

The 11th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  Qhuinn appears from the outside to have it all.  After having been disowned by his family, he is now living at the King's mansion, working side-by-side with the BDB, and has a young on the way.  He's miserable tho as he goes through every day watching the love of his life, Blay, go through his nights and days with Saxton, Blay's lover and Qhuinn's own cousin.

Blay has tried hard to move past his love for Qhuinn and outward appearances say he has but love is never so simple.  When Saxton finally leaves him after realizing that he will always be second place, will Blay find it in his heart to accept when Qhuinn finally seems ready to offer?

There is the obligatory stuff with the Lessor's, the Band of Brothers, and Trez and iAm but really, all of that is more about setting up future love matches and not really much about true storyline.  This is the book that many people (including me, I'll admit it) were waiting to see if Ms. Ward would actually write, a book about two males coming together and finding their HEA at last.

She did.  She wrote the book that I think many fans of Qhuinn and Blay wanted to see.  It was rocky but she didn't pull punches and she didn't shy away from their scenes or their love.  Their story was truly beautifully written.  It's a shame that she still tends to put in txt speak for no obvious reason in the middle of otherwise decently written thoughts or dialog and it really detracts from the story for me but at least she did the right thing for the story she has been setting up for so long.

For me tho, I'm now done with the series.  I can see that she has just added some new characters and is working to set up the next several matches to keep the series going but at this point, the world has become fairly pointless and I can see that she is just going to keep adding people so she can match them up and I'm just not interested.  This book really felt like a good place to end the series, a positive note and a beautifully written love story.  Thank you Ms. Ward.

Page count: 591p/14,553p ytd/158,973p lifetime

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