Monday, May 6, 2013

61:120 Questing Beast by Ilona Andrews

A short story by a favorite author.  A report needs to be written but on a planet where the native lifeforms like to eat the circuitry, that is a more difficult proposition than one might think especially when the unthinkable happens and your computer has contracted a virus that has wiped out everything.  Your only hope?  A nannybot that has also contracted a virus but one in which it needs to fulfill a specific condition to fix itself.  What condition?  It must find and deal with a Questing Beast!  A what?  A beast that is only to be found in books, not on Earth and definitely not on this planet.  If your report isn't done, your career is over and so is the last two years of work of several people.  Go figure out how to get yourself out of this one.

A fun little romp for no other reason I can figure out other than they could and it was fun.  I'm all for that.

Page count: 20p/13,962p ytd/158,382p lifetime

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