Friday, May 24, 2013

69:120 Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

The 3rd book in the Alex Craft series.  It's been a month since Alex's last big case and her foray into the realm of Faerie.  It's also been a month since she could have a conversation with Falin or have any contact with Death.  The Winter Queen is having raids done on Alex's house on a regular basis which is not helping her relationship with her landlord and roommates any either but what's a girl to do?  Open up a mystical PI firm with her newly returned from Faerie best friend!  They literally stumble upon their first case when they hear the screams as a man jumps off a building just a few blocks from where they are walking but it gets weird when Alex sees his ghost who has no idea how he came to be lying in a mangled heap on a car, dead. As she and Rianna begin delving into the case, it gets weirder and weirder as they find more suicides in the chain but when they raise the shades, there is no knowledge of how they died or the previous three days.  Alex is then warned off by Death and the other collectors but Alex never could leave well enough alone and this is her firm's first case...who could resist?

In all a fun read although there are definitely parts that drag a bit in the middle and then the end gets whipped through at a crazy pace with an ending that leaves you feeling like you just ran a marathon.  I think the concepts are well done and have some nice originality to them but I wish the pacing were a little smoother.  We learn a lot more about Death and the collectors in this one which was nice and a bit more of Alex's past is coming to light but things with Faerie were barely touched upon but with the ending that looks like it will figure prominently in the next book.  Really wondering where things are going to go with Death after everything that went down in this one too.  Hmmmmm.....

Page count: 371p/17,306p ytd/161,726p lifetime

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