Monday, December 31, 2012

129:110 Marvel Civil War by Mark Millar

A group of young wannabe superheroes tries to tackle some supervillians and the battle ends up killing several kids.  Now the public is outraged and wants something done now!  Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, works with the government and Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, to bring about registration and training for mutants and superheroes, to have superhero task forces in every state under government control.  Not all the superheroes are in agreement with the proposal and perhaps the biggest surprise is that Captain America is completely against it.  Now they are going against each other in the biggest civil war ever to decide the shape of their future.  But who will win: Iron Man or Captain America?  And do we even know who is in the right?

Interesting idea and even more interesting to bring in everyone from the Marvel universe at some point in the books.  Really interesting was who fell on which side of the issue and their reasons for it.  The end wasn't a total surprise but the whole thing was engaging enough that I might continue reading a bit further to try and get some more backstory and see where things go.  I'm not a huge fan of mainstream comics for a number of reasons, the biggest one being the lack of consistency in the worlds.  Seventeen gazillion different Spiderman comics come out each month and each has "Spiderman" as the main character but the worlds are so different that it's not really the same person from comic to comic and it drives me nuts.  Add in the different artistic styles (and I admit, I'm super fussy about what I like artistically from a comic and what I don't) and I tend to shy away but the artwork was good enough and the story well done to keep my interest for a bit longer.

Page count: 512p/41,317p ytd

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