Sunday, December 23, 2012

122:110 Queen's Blade by TC Southwell

First book in the Queen's Blade series.  Minna-Satu has become queen of the Jashmiri and in her innauguration speech has declared that she will end the endless war that has been going on for generations untold with their neighbors, the Cotti.  She is advised to have the Cotti king killed and his son brought to her unharmed in order to bring peace about but after sending team of soldiers after team of soldiers out, only to be informed of their deaths, she is intrigued when an assasin known as Blade comes saying that he can do the job.

Blade is an unlikely assasin, smooth cheeked and slender, but also considered one of the best around.  He manages the impossible task but now his Queen wishes him to stay on as her advisor and personal assasin.  She knows her course is unpopular and will be even more so as the plan becomes revealed.  Can Blade help keep her safe and can peace actually be accomplished with this plan?

Well paced with a more simplistic writing style but good political intrigue.  It was hard to really relate to the characters and I found myself neither liking nor disliking them but curious to see what would happen next.  This is the start of a longish series and while I'm not rushing out to get the next ones, I don't discount picking them up at some time either.

Page count: 231p/38,831p ytd

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