Monday, December 3, 2012

110:118 Viridis by Calista Taylor

The first in the Viridis series.  Lady Phoebe Hughs has created an herbal elixer, Viridis, that hightens the senses in a most pleasurable way and has build a discreet club for those wishing to partake.  Her former lover, Seth Elliot, is back from a mission for the Cause after a year to find that she has been being courted by Lord Victor, a man who does not like taking no for an answer.  Now Lord Niles Hawthorne is found dead only a few blocks from the club and all trails are leading back to Phoebe's life being in danger but by whom?

Billed as Steampunk Romance and Mystery which I suppose it lived up.  I wasn't impressed.  The mystery was only mediocre and it was hard to care much about the characters.  There wasn't "romance", it was just a bodice ripper.  There was no wooing or courtship.  That all happened a year before the story took place and we got none of that, just two people picking up where they had left off.  I felt it was a let down in that department as well.  The villain was nasty and got away with everything, likely to help lead into the sequel, but the whole thing just left things too unfinished.  At this point after finishing the first one, I very much doubt I'll be going back for the sequel.  I'll give it 3 stars because it was ok but it was nothing spectacular.

Page count: 304p/38,077p ytd

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