Monday, December 24, 2012

123:110 Fool's Errand by Robin Hobb

The first in the Tawny Man Trilogy.  The Red Ship Wars are over and Verity dead.  Kettriken is Queen and has tried to raise their son, Dutiful, in both the traditions of the Six Duchies and the Mountain People.  Now as his betrothal is on hand in an arranged marriage to one of the Outislanders to unite their people, he has disappeared.  No one is certain if he has run away or been kidnapped as the only clue is a note from the Piebalds, a group of Witted whose goal is to stop the persecution of their kind.  Chade, the Queen's advisor, and The Fool, aka The White Prophet, both turn to FitzChivalry in the hopes that as both Witted and Skilled he can find the Prince and bring him home safely before it's too late.  Fitz cannot help by say yes but the path it leads him on is a dark one for everyone.

It's been a while since I read the Farseer trilogy and I skipped over the Live Ships trilogy (which I do think I'll go back and read at some point) but it was still nice to come back to this world.  These are still dark, heavy books but so richly detailed it's easy to lose yourself in them.  There are times when they are slow and it's a bit harder to get into but then everything will start happening at once and you can't put it down.   Truly wonderful epic fantasy!

And with that, I have completed my A-Z series challenge since it was about reading the first or last book in each series.  I had to abandon several series part way through in order to finish up before the end of the year but now I'm done.  I'm also done with the A-Z author and A-Z book title challenges as well as my personal challenges for number of books and pages to read for the year.  The only one still to fulfill is number of new authors.  4 more to go but I think I will be able to make it with some shorter selections.

Page count: 662p/39,475p ytd

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