Monday, December 24, 2012

124:110 Underworlds: The Battle Begins by Tony Abbott

The first of the Underworlds series.  The day started normally enough for 10yr old Owen Harper until he got to school and watched the floor open up and his best friend disappear amongst flames with dozens of eyeballs staring at him as a voice is heard saying "The Battle Begins!"   Her last words were telling him to find a book as she flung a key at him.  What choice does he have but to do as she asked and try to get her back, even if it means being attacked by Fenrir, stealing the Lyre of Orpheus, and traveling to Hade's Underworld.  Thankfully, he has his friends Jon and Shelly to help him along the way.

Normally not a book I would be counting as I was going to have my little guy reading it aloud to me to practice his reading skills but that lasted all of one chapter.  After that, he took great delight in reading ahead and telling me to catch-up.  Took him less than a week to finish the entire book which considering he's not yet 7 is pretty impressive.  As a result, I ended up reading this one on my own so I could discuss it with him. I have a feeling it's going to be this way for the rest of the series.  I will say tho, I found it to be a fun story.  Not much in the way of character development but lots of action with some fun mythology stuff thrown in from several different mythos (Loki & Hades...Oh My!).  While written simply, it doesn't talk down and manages to infuse humor even in the scarier scenes to keep them from being too scary.

Page count:  101p/39,576p ytd

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