Sunday, December 2, 2012

110:117 Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow

The first book in the Jill Kismet series.  Jill is a Hunter, one who hunts the dark for Hellbreed and kills them to protect humanity.  She is the only hunter for Santa Luz now that her teacher and lover is dead, murdered by Hellbreed less than a year ago.  Unlike other hunters tho, she has entered into a pact with the main Hellbreed in her territory, Perry, in order to gain strength, speed, and extra magical firepower.  It also lets her tap him for information.  It's a good thing as she will need everything he can provide for this case where the never before heard of alliance of werewolf and hellbreed has happened.  The daughter of a high ranking (and very psychotic) Hellbreed is on the run with a rogue werewolf who is on a murderous rampage.   Can Julie figure out what is going on that has brought those two together?  An even better question is can she  make them stop and keep her own skin mostly intact?

Fast paced and interesting.  A departure from the standard which is always appreciated with nice strong leads, both male and female, good and bad.  Not a lot of romance but it's definitely being set up for that in future books.  Internal guilt ridden monologues got very close to hitting my annoyance buttons a few times but I'm hoping that some of that got resolved in this book so it won't be such a big issue in future ones.  In all, a promising start to a series.

Page count: 323p/37,773p ytd

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