Tuesday, November 29, 2011

104:99 Warriors: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

The first book in the popular children's series, Warriors.  We follow Rusty, a pet cat of a few months of age, as he decides to leave his safe, comfortable life to go live with a clan of wild cats in the forest instead and train as a warrior.  Now Rusty is Firepaw, a warrior in training but one who is treated with suspicion as a former kittypet but the clan needs all the warriors they can get as another clan is on the move to take all the territory for themselves.  Will Firepaw become the warrior his clan leader believes he can?  Or will he never be more than a kittypet, destined to return to the human family he left and only ever dream of the freedom a clan cat has?

Nice political intrigue going on, personal dilemmas of growing up and how to deal with more adult situations, but told in an easier way for a younger audience with cats.  Descriptions were well-done with them seeming very human but then throwing in some wording or action sequences to remind you they are cats which keeps it from being too scary.  Matthew has enjoyed these books and I think Jonathan will as well.  Definitely has my recommendation as a good book (so likely good series) for kids.

Page count: 272p/29,431p ytd

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