Thursday, November 10, 2011

104:94 The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Set in 1960s Mississippi, it tells the story of 2 black women who work for white households and a white woman who wants to become a writer and finds a story in their lives.  I think for the most part, it did a very nice job of showing the racism and crap that the black women had to put up with on a daily basis but also showed the deeper relationships that could grow between them and their white charges.  While some of what is talked about is bad, my feeling is that much of the horrible things were still mostly glossed over but it feels like this is a good start to talking about what life was like then and how far we still need to come as a society in terms of how we treat each other.  In all tho, it was a fascinating read and I definitely found myself cheering for some characters and wanting to boo others.  Good depth and dimension to them all.

Page count: 464p/28,056p ytd

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