Wednesday, November 2, 2011

104:91 The Unnatural Inquirer by Simon Green

The 8th book in the Nightside series.  Someone has apparently recorded a snippet of the Afterlife and has sold the DVD rights to the Unnatural Inquirer but then disappeared and the paper wants him found so have hired John Taylor to do just that.  With everyone else looking for it as well, possibly even Heaven and Hell, can he find it in time or merely pick up the pieces?

Good Nightside book but without an overarching plot, the series has gotten thin.  John Taylor can always use his gifts or some other Deux Ex Machina to get out of every situation he encounters with almost no help from anyone these days.  I keep hoping that they'll come up with something else besides he is just super powerful so always wins ones of these days.

Page count: 246p/27,276p ytd

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