Wednesday, November 2, 2011

104:90 Darkness Rising by Keri Arthur

The second book in the Dark Angels series.  Risa has made a deal with the devil (ok, Madeline Hunter old vampire and head of the Directorate so same diff) and she wants Risa to pay up by searching for whatever is killing Vampire Council members.  Of course, this is while Risa is being besieged on all sides to find the keys to the portals as well.  No matter where she turns, someone is after her for some reason and no one is playing nice.

A great installment to the series, lots of action and very fast-paced.  I like that Riley is around but only occasionally as this is really Risa's story.  Really wondering what is going on with Lucien and really hating that his basically ends on a cliff-hanger and I dont' know when the next one is coming out.  Ack!!!!

Page count: 342p/27,130p

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