Thursday, October 27, 2011

104:89 Hellbent by Cherie Priest

The second book in the Chesire Red series.  Raylene has somehow managed to collect people which is strange  considering how long she'd been on her own.  Now when she finds out that Ian is in danger due to vampire family politics, she's off to try and find a way to save him.  But how to do that while she's also on the prowl for a box of magic artifacts with the potential to earn her millions?  Some days, a girl's life can't get any stranger....even when she's undead.

I really liked this one a lot better. Raylene's voice didn't sound nearly as forced as it did last time and the rest of the characters clicked well.  I'm now wondering when the next one in the series will be coming out and bummed that I have to wait.

Page count: 338p/26,789p ytd

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