Tuesday, October 18, 2011

104:86 Hell to Pay by Simon R. Green

The 7th book in the Nightside series by Simon Green.  Lilith is gone and defeated but in her wake she has left despair and devastation including the removal of The Authorities who were nominally in charge of the Nightside.  Now there is a power-vacuum and someone has to step in.  Good money is on Jeremiah Griffin who managed to become immortal centuries ago and has spent that time accumulating money, power, and enemies.  So why is Griffin calling upon John Taylor?  Someone has kidnapped his granddaughter, the one he just rewrote his will to leave everything to and when you need someone found, who else do you call?  The only problem is that this time, something is blocking John's gift and he has to go about trying to find her the old fashioned way.

A fun book with some nice twists and turns.  Wondering if things at this point will just be basically stand-alone stories or if another arc is going to come about now that the one concerning his mother is resolved.

Page count: 264p/25,613p ytd

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