Sunday, December 27, 2015

141:120 Magic Stars by Ilona Andrews

A short story set in the universe of Kate Daniels but focusing on her ward Julie and pack member Derek.  Derek has set off to find out what has happened to a family that does work for Curran's pack and finds that the group that killed them was searching for a stone. As he investigates further, he finds that Julie is also searching for the stone now and the two team up to try and stop the warlock who is killing people to collect the stone pieces.

Pretty short without much set-up since it's assumed you know these characters from reading the Kate Daniels books which was fine.  I love getting these other stories about some of the other really interesting characters in the universe so I'm a total fan of this.  I have always liked Julie and Derek as characters but it's hard for them to get much time in with a regular Kate and Curran novel.  This did a good job of showing how their characters have been developing over time which was great.  I will say, I'm totally for the two of them hooking up in the future but if they just stay good friends, that's cool too.  I think this is definitely a must read for fans of the Kate Daniels series.

Page count: 64p/35,379p ytd/250,295p lifetime

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