Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Recap and 2016 Goals

Another year of high hopes in reading and I felt like I did well for most of the year but towards the end, things slipped away from me.  I more than made my goal of 120 books read with reading 141 but made a miscalculation so I only read 39 of 40 new authors and ran out of time so only got 35,379 pages out of a hoped for 40,000 pages.  I keep falling short on that one and realized the only year I made that goal I read a lot of comic books so that may have had something to do with making it.  LOL

With the close of my favorite local bookstore in July, my book buying went down after that so I did end up with a slight decrease to my to read pile.  At the beginning of 2015, Goodreads said 1329 and Shelfari had 1328. Now at the start of 2016, Goodreads shows 1325 and Shelfari held steady at 1328 (still not sure why that is).  My big hurrah for the year was hitting the 1/4 mark of my lifetime pages read as I ended the year with 250,295 pages read since I started keeping count back in 2009.

For this year, I'm keeping my goals basically the same. I want to read at least 120 books (hoping for more but there are some big ones in there that I know will be getting read for school so...), 40 new authors, and I'm going for 40,000 pages again.  I also want to get caught up with Elfquest (unfortunately that one is a hard one to actually put into the stats since I don't read it in big volume form) and a few other series (haven't decided which ones yet though LOL).  I'm also hoping to again see my to read pile at least not grow too much.

If you have reading goals and want to post them, I'd love to hear about them!

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