Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2:120 Wings of Fire: Winter Turning by Tui T. Sutherland

The 7th book in the Wings of Fire series, 2nd in the Jade Mountain series.  Winter has always been a disappointment to his family.  He has never excelled at the things the Icewings care about and thus has never raised high enough in the rankings to the determent of all of them. When he returns from a trip without his brother, Hailstorm, who was captured by Skywings that was bad enough to put him last in the rankings but when news of Hailstorm's death reached them, it was decided he would be better someplace, any place, else.  So thus he was sent to Jade Mountain where he found the last thing he was looking for, friends who accepted him as he was and not based on the Icewing rankings.  When his sister, Icicle, tries to kill the Dragonets of Prophecy, he knows he must stop her and is determined to do so no matter the cost but he never dreamed he would be doing so with a Nightwing, a Sandwing, and a Rainwing at his side.

I'm personally finding it nice to learn more about the other tribes but I'm less engaged by the current story and it's characters.  I'm glad to be caught up now so I have a chance to read some other things before my son gets the new one that just came out and he bugs me to read that one too.  I will read it and hope that things get better.  This one wasn't bad, just a bit slow and a bit repetitive in the internal monologue.

Page Count: 336p/758p ytd/251,053p lifetime

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