Wednesday, January 13, 2016

3:120 Indexing:Reflections by Seanan McGuire

The sequel to Indexing. Mother 'Birdy' Hubbard may have been stopped but she was also locked away in the secure prison for Fairy Tales where she is able to continue to spin her tale and those of the people around her.  Henry is even more danger though because when she goes to get help from her fellow Snow Whites in the Whiteout Woods, someone is there waiting for her with every intention of taking over her body and leaving her stranded where her Tale wants her.  Now this impostor is leading Henry's team straight into danger with the express purpose of getting Sloane away from them and trying to change her story so they can use her for their side.  The one thing Birdy and her friends forgot to account for though was just how stubborn both Sloane and Henry can be.

This was another serial story where we got a new chapter every two weeks so most chapters left off with some sort of cliffhanger.  I tried a few times not to read the new one right away but I was never able to put it off for long as I needed to know what happened NOW!  The twisted fairy tales that these become is as sweet as apple pie and I hope Ms. McGuire plays more in this universe.

Page count: 325p/1,083p/251,378p

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