Tuesday, January 19, 2016

4:120 These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder

My post from 2011:
A simply lovely story detailing the courtship of Almanzo and Laura as well as Laura's growing up.  You see the steady, innocent affection shared by both of them and enjoy the quiet but sure way their relationship grows.  It was lovely to read a book where things were basically happy and good for all after everything we've seen the family go through. To know that their goodness and faith have brought them through to such a good place...it helps to restore faith in the universe.

What's interesting this time around is the difference in the boys' reactions. When I read this to my 3rd son 4+yrs ago, he was interested in how the relationship grew and what it meant long-term for Laura.  Reading this to my 4th son now, he would do nothing but roll his eyes at all relationship stuff and wanted nothing to do with any of the questions or activities that dealt with growing relationships.  He has enjoyed the rest of the series and I'm sure he'll like Farmer Boy which we are doing next but it will be interesting to see how he is with The First Four Years.  I'm expecting a lot of eye-rolling with that one too.

Page count: 289p/1,372p ytd/251,667p lifetime

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