Saturday, December 19, 2015

139:120 Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

The tale told straight from the horse's mouth on growing up in England with a good and kind master, losing a good place due to illness of his mistress, losing the next place that wasn't as wonderful due to a drunk groom, being a rental horse, eventually landing in London as a cab horse but with a kind master only to lose that place due to illness of his master and end up with a cruel master who almost broke him before finally being bought by a kind old gentleman who even though Beauty was getting on in years saw his good breeding and took a chance which ends with him being gently used and well cared for until the end of his days.

A sweet, generally gentle book and one I loved growing up.  As an adult, it's a bit harder because it's easy to see how romanticized it is but reading it to my 9yr old was still a lovely experience.

Page count: 207p/35,156p ytd/250,072p lifetime

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