Friday, December 18, 2015

136:120 Chimera by Mira Grant

The conclusion to the Paristology trilogy by Mira Grant.  When we last left Sal, she had turned herself over to her father and the military powers.  Shortly after, people who were previously clean of parasites are turning into sleepwalkers and/or showing signs of multiple eggs due to the contamination of the water supply by Sherman.  Sal knows she must escape and get back to Dr. Cale, Nathan, and the rest of her people.  On her way, she finds Juniper, a child chimera, who may hold some of the answers to dealing with the contaminated water.  Unfortunately, Sherman has not been complacent and it's not long after Sal finds Dr. Cale that he attacks and makes off or kills much of the group.  Sal, Fishy, and Fang are left to try and mount a rescue of them and the only ones they have a chance of getting to help are Col. Mitchell and his men who are not likely to be very receptive after Sal's second escape but what other choice do they have? The broken doors are closing and Sal very much wants to find her way home.

A very action packed, well paced conclusion.  I was worried after the last book was so bogged down but it seems like there was just too much going on for one book so they broke some of it off  and then tried to flesh it out into another book rather than cramming too much into one to keep it a duology.  Understandable and this one did not disappoint.  The scariest thing is this world is very easy to imagine. We are lazy and having a tapeworm to take care of things for us seems entirely plausible. A company rushing it to market before it had been thoroughly tested? Happens all the time.  Let's just hope that none of Mira's worlds actually ever come to pass because they are scary places.

Page count: 488p/34,814p ytd/249,730p lifetime

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