Sunday, August 30, 2015

93:120 The Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir by Tui T. Sutherland

Book 2 in the Wings of Fire series.  After having escaped their guardians, the Skywing kingdom, and found that Mudwings don't really do families and Clay's mother had sold his egg for 5 cows, the Dragonets of Prophecy have decided to go check out the Seawings realm and search for Tsunami's parents. Tsunami always loved the tale of the Missing Princess who was welcomed home with much fanfare into her families loving arms once she was found.  She had no idea Queen Coral had written it nor that she, herself. was a missing princess of the Seawing kingdom.  However, as she soon learns, being a missing princess returned home is not nearly all she dreamed it to be.

9yr old is really insistent that I read the whole series so I'm thankful that they are written well for children's book and the plot, while definitely using basic tropes and characters, have a bit more depth than just that and a plot that while is fairly predictable is still done well.

Page count: 336p/24,742p ytd/239,674p lifetime

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