Saturday, August 8, 2015

85:120 Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews

The 8th book in the Kate Daniels series.  Kate and Curran are setting up their new home away from the Keep. This means 90 days of staying completely away while things are separated and Jim gets things going under his new reign as Beast Lord.  However, when George, Mahon's daughter, comes to them frantic because her fiance, were-buffalo Eduardo, is missing.  Eduardo was also in the Mercenary Guild so Kate starts the investigation there and finds things much changed from her days there.  They get a few leads but Curran also gets a few ideas.  As their investigation proceeds, they find ghouls, giants who are immune to Kate's power words, and a magic signature that they have never seen before.  Add in Kate still needs to figure out what that means that she has claimed the city of Atlanta and her father is building one of his towers just outside those limits and it's just another day in the life of Kate and Curran.

I love these books so much and especially the interaction between Kate and Curran.  My biggest sadness is that there is such a long wait between them.

Page count: 342p/22,294p ytd/237,226p lifetime

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