Friday, August 14, 2015

88:120 Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

The 50 Miss Dream Teen contestants think they are heading to a nice little beach trip but instead, their plane crashes into a deserted island.  All of their chaperons and other adults are killed as are more than half the girls upon impact. Now the remaining girls must figure out how to survive but if they are to be rescued, they also need to look their best and what about being ready to compete?  Well, turns out that isn't quite as important when you find the secret Corporation base on the island filled with people who knew you were there and were hoping you would die and are happy to take care of that little problem if the snakes don't do it for them.

I grabbed this book as a friend mentioned it as being on her to-read list and it sounded interesting.  I was looking for something a bit lighter so I picked it up and was not disappointed.  It was definitely more in the chic-lit section that I usually travel but at the same time, it was a book about friendship, finding themselves, learning to be honest about themselves.  I loved that they outlawed the word "sorry" on the island because they realized that girls and women tend to use that word all the time for things that they do not need to be apologizing for.  There were a lot of moments like that which were good positive feminist messages but there was plenty of WTH moments in it as well.  In all, I enjoyed it and it was perfect for my headspace this month.

Page count: 405p/23,321p ytd/238,253p lifetime

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