Sunday, August 30, 2015

92:120 Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong

The third book in the Cainsville series by Kelley Armstrong.  Olivia is continuing to be plagued by visions and most especially by the little blond girl who insists she has something Olivia needs to see.  Gabriel is going to everyone he can find to try and figure out how to stop the visions in his efforts to protect Olivia from whatever is going on but when Olivia finally allows the visions to run their course, she finds out more than she could have ever dreamed about her distant past and how Gabriel, Ricky, and her are entwined in something so much bigger than they ever could have imagined.  Now she must try to figure out how to let them know without scaring them away or the consequences could be horrific for not just themselves but for races they are just now learning are still alive.  With this hanging over her, Gabriel now under suspicion of murder, and more details coming to light about her parents' supposed crimes, Olivia may be nearing her breaking point and the relationships she cares most about could be in jeopardy.

I've really enjoyed this series.  While there is a supernatural element, so much is about self-discovery and trying to solve the mysteries around Olivia and her entire life.  I couldn't put this down and am now saddened that I have to wait another year for the next one.

Page count: 453p/24,406p ytd/239,338p lifetime

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