Wednesday, December 31, 2014

122:120 The Asian World 600-1500CE by Roger V. DesForges & John S. Major

First read and reviewed in May 2011.  Here's my review from then:

Middle School History covering China, Korea, India, and Japan from 600AD-1500AD.  I really enjoyed the presentation and learning more about this period of time in Asia.  Interesting to see how religion spread through the different areas and how it would change in accordance to the needs of the people of that region.  I found it fascinating to learn that the Korea had a movable metal-type printing machine 50yrs before Gutenberg made his movable type press.  There were lots of little tidbits like that which makes the history much more fun and accessible to the middle schooler and even to those adults (like me) who tend to find history dry and boring.

Page count: 173p/33,896p ytd/214,934p lifetime

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