Saturday, December 13, 2014

115:120 Doctor Who: Judgement of the Judoon by Colin Brake

With the Doctor as played by David Tennant.  The Doctor is traveling on his own, between companions when he discovers a distress call from a ship that has been boarded and left in horrible shape by a squadron of Judoon.  After helping the ship, he decides to go after the Judoon and see how he can help them and halt the destruction that they seem to leave in their wake.  The trail takes him to the Elvis the King Spaceport, Terminal 13, in New Memphis.  The Terminal has just barely opened and has been experiencing nothing but problems in the weeks that have followed.  The Judoon have followed the trail of the Invisible Assassin there and the Doctor has followed the Judoon.  Now the Doctor has convinced the head Judoon to work with him in a more subdued fashion to try and find this assassin and bring him/her to justice without using typical Judoon methods.  Along the way, they meet a young girl, Nikki, who is a private eye and whose case seems to be meshing up with theirs in unusual ways as she is trying to track down a pickpocket.  Between the three of them, maybe they can figure out what is going on or maybe they will just be drawn into the feud between the mob factions of Uncle and the Widow.

It was a fun book and it wasn't too hard to hear David Tennant's voice saying the Doctor's lines in my head which is always a good sign that they've captured the spirit of that incarnation.

Page count: 247p/32,158p ytd/213,196 lifetime

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