Sunday, December 28, 2014

119:120 Doctor Who: Made of Steel by Terrance Dicks

Quick Reads with David Tennant as the Doctor and Freema Agyeman as his companion, Martha Jones.  Cybermen are attacking in England but only a few are ever seen.  When Martha and the Doctor end up at her hospital for a visit, the Doctor is drawn into the investigation and Martha is taken captive by the Cybermen who want the Doctor's help in releasing the rest of their army from the Void.

As it says on the cover, it's a quick read which means it is assumed you know who all the characters are and previous events that are referred to in passing.  There is no character development of any sort but it's a fun little read if you know the universe and is great for the younger kids who get daunted by the longer books (or who this book was originally bought for).  I felt Martha's portrayal was a bit weak but the 10th Doctor was decent enough although nothing spectacular.

Page count: 99p/33,364p ytd/214,402p lifetime

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