Monday, December 8, 2014

112:120 Hinges of Destiny by Goranson

This book is not yet out in publication.  I was paid to read it and fill out a survey with my thoughts on it.  Therefore, this will be very brief since I have no idea how much, if any, the book will change before being published (if it ever is).

Elizabeth Stewart has been terrified of flying ever since her husband and son were killed in a crash 6 years ago.  She wouldn't be in the airport now if the meeting with this client (and thus her possible promotion) depend on it.  Unfortunately, she got there early enough to scrutinize everything.  Why were those suits looking at something on the wing?  Are the service crew taking longer repairing something?  Why is the pilot coming off the plane looking so distraught?  The last one is something she could follow up on and so she did and what she heard did nothing to reassure her and in fact disturbed her even further.  She sat in the waiting area pondering what to do all through the time when the plane left and then she went to see if she could get on another flight only to learn that shortly after takeoff, the plane crashed.  Was it due to the pilot?  Should she have said something to someone?

Now she is the only person from the flight who might have answers but she also has her own inner battles to fight as well.

So this book is not in my usual genre so I'm not sure who typical it was of it's genre.  I found it hard to relate to the main character who kept weighing her options and always picked what seemed like the stupidest thing to do in any given situation to make her own situation worse.  There were several awkward transitions and many of the "plot twists" were predictable and/or very contrived.

Page count: 383p/31,421p ytd/212,459p lifetime

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