Sunday, November 30, 2014

111:120 The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman

The 2nd book in His Dark Materials trilogy.  Lyra has found her way into another world as she tries to follow her father and stop whatever it is he is planning on doing.  Will, a child from our world, has also found a way into this between world.  Now the two of them are being forced together by outside forces that they can't understand to try and save the worlds.  Along their journey, Will and Lyra find the wielder of the Subtle Knife, a knife that can cut doorways between the worlds when wielded by it's chosen person.  Now Will, is the wielder of the Subtle Knife and Lyra has been told by her alethiometer that she must help Will find his father.  Their journey sees them teamed up with the Witches that have come through following their calling to help Lyra on her quest and they are headed North to find their fate.

It was an okay installment but I found that it went slowly and it took a while to come together and feel truly cohesive.

Page count: 288p/31,038p ytd/212,076p lifetime

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